Every Glossier Product Ranked (An Emperifollá Review Series)

Editor’s Note: 

In 2014, beauty it-girl Emily Weiss announced her already successful startup Into the Gloss was growing into a brand of products. Today, Glossier surpassed its billion-dollar valuation, employs over 200 people in New York, London, and Toronto, and has over 3 million customers.

At Emperifollá, we are starting a new series featuring Dominican writer Zameena Mejía, who’ll be reviewing every Glossier product out there. Mejía has been a Glossier fan since 2016 and bought almost every product the brand has released, taking to her personal Instagram to share her unfiltered insights. “I calculated that I’ve spent about $1,530 on Glossier in the past three years,” she tells Emperifollá

I’ll let Zameena take it from here. 

Perfecting Skin Tint, $26 (comes in 12 shades) 

I don’t use full-coverage foundation in my daily routine and there’s nothing I hate more when wearing makeup than foundation that cakes onto my skin, which is why I’ve loved the Perfecting Skin Tint since my first-ever Glossier order. Bottles of these can last me months on end, and I find it applies best when I squeeze the liquid right onto my face and blend it out with my fingers. This tint evens out my complexion and helps me feel less washed out, minimizes redness and dark circles and provides just enough coverage to pull together the rest of my look.

Each year, I alternate between two shades: G6 & G7. One time, I ordered the darker shade for wintertime and Glossier sent me the right one at no additional cost. Although it might actually have something to do with the net cost of processing returns, I find that the G-Team (their customer service staff) really prioritize customer satisfaction & often do whatever it takes to get it right.  

My only complaint with Perfecting Skin Tint is that I wish this product had SPF. And if you’re someone who prefers full-coverage foundation, this product is definitely not for you. 

Priming Moisturizer, $22 

One of the simpler products in Glossier’s skincare line, the Priming Moisturizer is hydrating without feeling like you’re wearing much at all. As soon as you apply it on your face, it sort of melts into your skin and doesn’t feel sticky or tacky at all, making it great for wearing under your makeup or on its own. I like how this adds a little bounce back into my skin and helps me feel like I look a bit more awake. This moisturizer is great for people with normal-to-dry or combination skin and it’s lightweight enough to use in the morning or evening. 

Sometimes, when I see my moisturizer on my bedroom dresser, I know that my boyfriend has been borrowing some. He does not have a skincare routine and dislikes the feeling of products on his skin, but appreciates the priming moisturizer when his skin is dry. This is #CoupleGoals in my book. 

Generation G Lipstick, $18 (comes in 6 shades)

Glossier has gone through two major formulations of these lipsticks and I’m sad to say neither have cut it for me. When I think lipstick, I think creamy, often moisturizing, and easy to apply. The current formula is so matte that instead of gliding across your lips, it goes on chunky until you get a waxy tint. I’ve owned the shades Crush and Jam, which are both on the darker side and might potentially contribute to this texture issue. I don’t think it’s worth the $18 it costs (you’re better off getting Burt’s Bees Matte Stick Lipstick for less than half the price.)

Boy Brow, $16 (comes in 4 shades)

Boy Brow is probably one of  the most popular products Glossier has ever released and it’s with good reason. I converted over from Benefit’s Gimme Brow to Boy Brow when I realized Glossier’s formula is less waxy and even better at holding my eyebrows in its shape (and Boy Brow gives you more product for less money.) I already have pretty thick eyebrows, but Boy Brow fills them in to unleash my full Frida moment. This product won’t easily rub off if you happen to touch your face and it does a good job at staying on throughout the day, even in the summer. I feel like I’ve gone through my Boy Brows relatively quickly, but I think they’re worth it. I also got my mom, 54, hooked on Boy Brow. She asks me to restock her personal stash at least a couple times a year. She loves how natural the brown shade looks and also uses it to tame her flyaways and cover her grays in a pinch. 

This is a running review and will be updated monthly. Come back for more.

Zameena Mejia

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