How to Support Afro-Latinx Businesses Beyond Purchases

As protests and demonstrations against police brutality and racial injustice continue to happen on a worldwide scale (despite the lack of news coverage), social media has once again taken the forefront in spreading information widely. By now, you’ve seen countless roundups highlighting Afro-Latinx businesses, creatives, and organizers you should follow and support. 

But highlighting our Afro-latinx peers is the least we can do. Yes, one of the ways we as non-black Latinxs can help is by putting our money where our mouth is and reevaluating who we are supporting with our dollars.

However, it doesn’t (and shouldn’t) end there. 

Since designer, Aurora James created the 15% Pledge Campaign and UOMA Beauty’s CEO, Sharon Chuter created the #PullUporShutUp challenge, Black-owned businesses have seen an influx of demand thanks to the coverage push in recent weeks.

“La Botica has seen a tremendous increase in demand since the recent solidarity on several platforms, particularly Instagram. The sheer volume we have experienced in the last week and a half has been so incredible and life-changing for us as a small Afro-Latinx brand, from new stockist relationships to editorials,” Dawn Marie, founder of La Botica tells Emperifollá. “We are now expanding our production as a result of this incredible event in Black-business awareness.”

Now, once the listicle is read and purchase is done, what else can you do to uplift the black voices around you

Well, it’s quite simple: Raise your voice

Both Dawn Marie from La Botica and Lourdes Cordero from Bomba Curls agree that visibility is key. 

“The support we need now more than ever is one that allows us to remain visible. Yes, we need melanated voices to be amplified but we also need to achieve some degree of permanence, such that the inclusion of Afro-Latinx voices becomes a part of the new normal within the Latinx community,” Cordero tells Emperifollá.

We’ve rounded up 14 Afro-Latinx businesses you should put on your community’s radar ASAP. From fashion and beauty to lifestyle, if you’re in the position to buy from Afro-Latinx brands, we highly suggest you place your money right in the hands of la cultura.


Luna Magic

Pinkness Co.

Bomba Curls

Botanika Beauty

Reina Skincare



Yo Soy Afro-Latina

Babe Comets

Hause of Curls

Reggaeton con la Gata

Coco & Breezy Eyewear


La Botica

The Lit Bar

Café con Libros BK

Bianca Nieves

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