We Asked Our Mamis What Emperifollá Means to Them

In coming of age movies, one of the worst things that can happen to the main character is the realization that reasoning trumps their adolescent (and naive) ways, and they immediately blurt out, “Oh, no! I’m beginning to sound like my mom.”

However, no matter the twists and turns of the plot line, there comes a moment (just as brief as the initial recognition that their adolescence is fleeting) when sounding or going under their mother’s wing isn’t half bad. Instead, a nod, a sheepish smile, a hug (remember those?) is exchanged, and life goes on. 

Our lives might not be like coming of age movies (and that’s on lack of representation), and currently might resemble an apocalyptic thriller more than anything, but if there’s one thing over at Emperifollá that resonates to our core, it’s becoming like the women who raised us — and the ones before them, too.

A year ago, we launched with our editorial At Abuela’s House, which was all about those little rituals from our grandmothers and mothers that we cherish and even recreate to this day. Now, we’re trying to find comfort in those habits while navigating a “new normal”. That’s why, for Mother’s Day 2020, we decided to ask our mamis what emperifollá means to them. From a favorite outfit, a beauty transformation, or reaching out for the ol’ reliable hoops and lipstick combo, they shared their memories via text while all we want to do is be able to have these conversations way closer than six feet apart.

Carmen Cortés, mami of Stephanie Stoddard Cortés

María Santiago, mami of Frances Solá-Santiago

Mabel Rosado, mami of Maridelis Morales Rosado

Paula Devoto, mami of Andrea Antúnez de Mayolo Devoto

Carmen Butler, mami of Bianca Nieves Butler

Bianca Nieves

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