The Best Self-Care Tips We’ve Heard So Far

Editor’s Note: The Emperifollá team is constantly speaking to some of the most inspiring Latinxs out there about style, beauty, and culture. But self-care is a big part of what we discuss and think about.

As a culture, we are often taught to prioritize taking care of others before we take care of ourselves. And we are proud that, as a generation, we are looking to change that. The clothes we wear, the lipstick we put on, and the lociones we apply at night are all part of putting ourselves first. But there’s so much yet to learn.

So here is the best advice we’ve gotten – so far. (We’ll be updating this list.)

“You have to feel your most beautiful. You can’t rely on others to tell you you’re beautiful.”

– Danielle Alvarez, Founder of The Bonita Project

I think you should always keep things in your house that are living other than you. I cannot take care of a puppy. So, my plants are the living things that I keep around. They bring me joy. They move. Seeing something green and alive and I like the way that they just grow. They don’t look at the plant next to them. They don’t compare each other. They just take in their light and grow. And that’s exactly how I want to be.

Sandra E. García, journalist

Beauty is a god to me, and I don’t believe in a white man as God. I believe in the Universe speaking to us and that’s what I think beauty is. There’s no functional purpose to beauty, it’s just for joy. It’s never just about having nice hair. It’s about how that makes you feel. It’s about feelings

Andrea Granera, artist and actress

Your face changes every day. Sometimes you look super snatched, sometimes you look super tired. It’s through the month that you notice those changes. It’s fun to kind of look at my face, my skin, and my features and say, ‘What do you need today?’

Jessica Chia, contributing editor, Alliure

I always think that anyone is beautiful as long as you’re kind and confident. You’ll figure it out from there.

Melanie Mignucci, Lifestyle Editor, Bustle

There’s so much pressure on us as women to be perfect,” Marrero says. “So why not just do things that are unique about me and not conform to what you think I should be doing.

Lynnette Marrero, mixologist
Frances Solá-Santiago

Born in Puerto Rico, based in New York City. She is the editor-in-chief on Emperifollá. Her work has been published in The New York Times, Rolling Stone, NPR, Glamour Magazine, Numéro, Refinery29, Remezcla, and Bustle.

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