9 Tips Latinxs Gave Us in Vogue’s Beauty Secrets Series

Yes, we too are obsessed with looking at celebrities doing their makeup and skincare routines on Vogue’s Beauty Secrets series. From Rihanna’s viral summer look to Tracee Ellis Ross’s guide to perfect curls, this series is the addictive YouTube franchise we can’t stop watching.

Along the way, some of our favorite Latinx celebs have showcased their routines for the series and, of course, we took note. Here’s what we learned.

  1. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Political Statement

AOC, aka the youngest Congresswoman in history, sure knows how to make an impact, whether on environmental justice or braking glass ceilings for her community. She’s also brought the conversation about the power of makeup and beauty to the forefront in this Vogue video, saying her routing is like a “little protest.” Of course, the protagonist of her makeup is red lipstick, which she’s notorious for, regularly relying on Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in “Beso.”

2. Adriana Lima’s BB Cream + Primer Combo

Dewy skin is all the rage these days and Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima has a simple trick to sport a glowy complexion. “BB cream. Primer. I mix it up. And just go for it,” says Lima. The supermodel’s technique is super easy to follow. Basically, mix a bit of BB cream and a dollop of primer together using your hands and apply using your fingers. “I always like the glow. I don’t like when your skin has a matter finish,” she adds.

3. Ibeyi Sisters’ Power Duo Routine

French-Cuban sister duo Ibeyi knows how to save time, energy, and resurces by getting ready together. “We get ready before our shows together always,” says Lisa Kaindé-Diaz. The musical duo share products, techniques, and a few laughs, a tip you can borrow for those nights when getting ready alone just sounds so dreary.

4. Anitta’s Multiple Foundation Mix

Anitta knows you can’t get everything out of one partner. Instead, she goes for a mix of foundations to create her look. “To start with the foundation, I use different types of foundations. I don’t know why I feel better if I mix a lot of stuff in my face,” she says. The key is to get to know your skin and what kinds of foundation work better for certain areas of your face. Get into it.

5. Alexa Demie’s Lip Liner Layering Technique

Alexa Demie’s signature 90s look is achieved with the perfect nude lipstick and dark eyeliner combo. “I don’t ever not wear lip liner,” she says. “Sometimes I even layer lip liners.” The trick, she says, is to combine similar colors to achieve the perfect shade for your lipstick and skin color. Demie also cites Marilyn Monroe’s red lip look as a reference, saying the icon’s makeup artists used up to eight liners at a time.

6. Princess Nokia’s Homemade Café Mask

Princess Nokia is a fan of using kitchen essentials for your skin and Café Bustelo is no exception. “The grains in the espresso are a really great exfoliant for my skin,” she says. Her coffee mask includes jojoba oil, water and espresso grains. But coffee isn’t the only cooking ingredient she adds to her skincare routine, saying, “You can use any type of textured grain, so you can use sugar. All the dead skin, all the dry skin, all the patches, just get her out.”

7. Pablo Vittar’s Fake Freckles Technique

Freckles are an accessory for a lot of us. If you were born with them or just want to fake them for the day, Brazilian pop star Pablo Vittar recommends using blush and a hair pin to pain them on. “For my freckles, I use a hair pin and blush. You wet the tip of the pin, scrub it on the blush, remove the excess and go.”

8. Eiza Gonzalez’s Men’s Cologne Trick

Fragrance is definitely one of the most intimate items we own, and for actress Eiza González, that involves working with her natural PH to transform fragrances. “My trick is I like to use men cologne because girls like it and guys like it. It smells very different when you are a girl because your PH will change the smell.”

9. Joan Smalls’ Secret to Long Lasting Waterline Eyeliner

Joan Smalls’ almond-shaped eyes are stunning, but she also adds brown eyeliner to highlight them even more. Still the supermodel is aware that long-lasting eyeliner on the waterline is a myth – until now. “The trick is you put it on top of your waterline,” she says, lining the her top waterline to mesh the two back of forth with the natural movement of the eyes. Genius.

Frances Solá-Santiago

Born in Puerto Rico, based in New York City. She is the editor-in-chief on Emperifollá. Her work has been published in The New York Times, Rolling Stone, NPR, Glamour Magazine, Numéro, Refinery29, Remezcla, and Bustle.

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