These 6 Moisturizers Are the Ultimate Crème de la Mer Dupes

If you’ve read our November profile, you’d know that Denise Bidot is big on self-care. The chilly morning she welcomed the Emperifollá team to her home, she was already ready to face the cold winter winds that were just teasing us then. How so? She had her La Crème de la Mer on the counter ready to go. As a self-proclaimed La Mer girl would, of course.

Because not even Bidot is safe from winter’s dry skin grasp. And though this luxe moisturizer isn’t the only beauty product she splatters on her face in the AM (shout out to Biologique Recherche’s face wash and P50!), she vouches for a proper moisturizer to finish off her routine and keep her looking dewy.

Now, though we share the same winter woes when it comes to not being able to retain the moisture of our skin, we find it kind of hard to justify dropping La Mer money on a moisturizer. Luckily, Bidot has a dupe she also trusts and we have also searched for 5 other moisturizers that are just as good for your skin and budget.

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best la mer moisturizer dupes
Weleda Skin Food, $11, available at

La Mer is known for its rich, hydrating formula. However, smothering just a dime size more than you actually need might as well be a sin considering its luxe price point. Cue Weleda’s Skin Food. Not only can you plaster this on your face and your body, but at only $11 you’re also getting an au natural formula.

best la mer moisturizer dupes
Nivea Crème, $7, available at

If you were to compare Nivea’s and La Mer’s ingredients, you’d have an almost identical match. Sure, Nivea doesn’t have algae, but it’s still as moisturizing as its pricier counterpart. And that $7 you can even extend your beauty routine with the surplus of $$$.

best la mer moisturizer dupes
Pond’s Rejuveness Anti Aging Face Cream, $14, available at

Ah, Pond’s the beauty brand plenty of Latinx moms and tías swear by. Who needs to drop over $100 dollars to get the same glow that La Mer enthusiast love but with an under $25 product? Not us! We can hear the voice of our abuela saying, “La Mer ni que La Mer, úntate esto que es mejor.

best la mer moisturizer dupes
Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream, $19, available at

La Mer isn’t the only moisturizer that has seaweed as its main ingredient. Mario Badescu’s Seaweed Night Cream also has this start ingredient that softens and nourishes your skin while you sleep.

best la mer moisturizer dupes
Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Anti-Aging Face Moisturizer, $21, available at

When Bidot doesn’t use La Mer she’s down for Olay’s Regenerist Night Recovery. ” If you put them next to each other they have similar consistencies”, she told Emperifollá.

best la mer moisturizer dupes
Tatcha The Dewy Skin Cream, $68, available at

If you just want a moisturizer that has the same cult following as La Mer but it’s slightly more affordable, Tatcha has you covered. Once you try their Dewy Skin Cream you’ll fall into the Tatcha hole and want to try out (and eventually love) all their other products, too. For example, their Dewy Skin Mist? Game changer!

Bianca Nieves

4 thoughts on “These 6 Moisturizers Are the Ultimate Crème de la Mer Dupes

  1. I bought La Mer only once. What a disappointment when I opened it… I swear to God it was Nivea!! The scent is almost idential AND the consistency as well. It left the same sticky feeling on my face.

    Never again.


  2. siempre he deseado comprar LA MER pero es tan cara (TT) , voy a comprar la crema de WALEDA SKIN FOOD. yo estube usando la crema de TATCHA, la compre en Sephora y la ame . me daba esa sensacion de suavidad y frescura, ademas el empaque es tan bonito que cuando la terminas, te duele tirar el frasco vacio, pero desde la pandemia no puedo cruzar a estados unidos asi que necesito algo mas economico y que me sea enviado por correo. Recomiendo mucho la linea tatcha, despues, les dejo saber como me fue con waleda.

    I have always wanted to buy LA MER but it is so expensive (TT), I am going to buy WALEDA SKIN FOOD cream. I was using TATCHA cream, I bought it at Sephora and I loved it. It gave me that feeling of softness and freshness, also the packaging is so beautiful that when you finish it, it hurts to throw away the empty bottle, but since the pandemic I cannot cross to the United States so I need something cheaper and that it be sent to me by mail . I highly recommend the tatcha line<3… later, I let you know how feels Waleda.


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